Lunch Period

Lunch Period

“Hey, dweeb!” bellowed Eric.

Patrick almost pissed himself with terror. He was still adjusting to Eric’s new size - size gained by stealing muscle from Patrick and his crony jocks. The former beanpole now loved nothing more than to make Patrick’s life a living hell.

“Hand over your lunch money - these guns need a shitload of expensive lean meat to maintain their size.” Eric clenched his fists, forcing his weapon-like arms to bulge out alarmingly.

Patrick quickly emptied his pockets of all cash. His body still in pain from defying Eric four days ago.

“That’s a good wimp,” growled Eric. “Now it’s time for me to refuel and fuck more pussy.”

Patrick turned to leave, however a brawny fist easily lifted the boy by his shirt labels, raising Patrick’s face level to Eric’s.

“By the way fucker,” sneered the new bully. “Those ‘XL’ Trojans you gave me were shit. Far too small for my manly cock. Luckily all the chicks here are all slutty enough to give me blowjobs instead.”

Eric dropped Patrick to the ground and strode off for food.

“Seeya around, smalldick”

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