Jason lay down in the sun, his mouth-watering body already a perfectly golden tan. But he wasn’t here to sunbathe. He was here to advertise. To advertise to the world his thick, rippling muscles, his rugged, model-like face and the awesome meaty bulge embossing his swim shorts.

He was here to send any woman he wants into an uncontrollable heat and then slink off with his prey to fuck her body inside out.

He was right now basking in the glow of having just thoroughly rutted his 8 inch howitzer inside an insanely-stacked and mind-boggling flexible human Barbie. Their bodies sweating against the dumpster behind the public toilets nearby, as they groped, kissed, and teased, and then fucked each other over and over again.

It had been his first fuck of the day. She wasn’t able to handle anything more. But he still had plenty of gas left in his tank.

Nobody could keep up with him since he had underwent the procedure.

His post-coital bliss was soon interrupted as an annoying shadow slowly elongated across his massive form and onto his face.

Jason’s handsome face grimaced, glaring at the young man who dared to block out his sunlight.

He looked up to see one of the junior varsity players from school looming over him. Though loom was the wrong word. The boy wasn’t anywhere as big or buff as Jason - but then again, Jason was a walking wet dream of masculinity.

This guy was just a pathetic jock.

“I give up,” said the student athlete. “You’re Jason Buchanan, right? You were just a pile of skin and bones two months ago. And now… well, just look at you! Everyone in school is talking about it - how the school dweeb suddenly morphed into hunkzilla overnight.”

Jason just raised a disinterested eyebrow.

“Even heard some of my buddies in the team talk about roughing you up. That was the plan, you know - ambush you and force you to tell them your secret.”

“But then everyone saw what happened to Steve Hinesley when he crossed paths with you, and that fucker’s on steroids! And then everyone saw what you did to Coach Peterson’s Chevy. And then when there was that fight with the Hells Angels…”

Shit. Jason realized that this backwards-cap wearing bozo was not going to leave him alone anytime soon.

“Go to the Sunshine Valley Industrial Estate. Unit 307,” growled Jason, ending the conversation as abruptly as he could. “Tell them I sent you.”


Jason rolled his eyes at the dumbfounded jock.

“You want to know how I got all buff and big and studly, right?” he explained in a slower and slightly patronizing voice. “Well, nudge-nudge, wink-wink; et cetera, et cetera. Go to Unit 307, Sunshine Valley Industrial Estate. Tell them I sent you. Capiche?

“Oh, right!” said the surprised jock as understanding blossomed. A giddy smile suddenly erupted on his face. “Thanks, man! You’re the best.”

He ran off excitedly, the obtrusive shadow lifted and Jason breathed a sigh of contentment.

Alas, his newly-won peace was just a ruse.

The shadow soon returned.

Jason was about to lay it on heavily to the douchebag when he noticed that the shadow caster to a more familiar and much less jock-like figure.

“Go to hell, Jason!”

“Huh? What did I do?” asked Jason, surprised at the venom of Pete’s voice. Pete had been avoiding him like crazy since his transformation.

“I just overheard Cody Scott lord it over everyone that he finally found out your secret. How he was soon going to become the star athlete of school soon. He said you just told him.”

Jason sighed under his breath. Fuck this shit.

“For god’s sake, Jason! I dunno what happened to you but you’ve become a prize douchebag since you… you… fuck, I don’t even know what you did to yourself. Now you’ve just told the biggest bullying jerk in school how to become an even bigger jerk.”

Jason studied the reddening face of the shrimpy nerd.

“You’re gay, right?” he asked, quietly.

“Huh?” said Pete, suddenly feeling lost at sea at the change of topic. “What has that got to do with anything?”

“And you’ve always found Cody to be pretty hot, yes?”

“Yeah - I mean, no! I mean, he’s a complete jerk-“

Good! This is even better than I had planned.”


“Go to number 103 Shepherd Street, prompto - and I really mean as fast as fucking can. You don’t have much time so forget walking to it - call a goddamn taxi. Tell whoever answers that door that you require the Blueberry Special immediately and that I sent you.”


“I may have changed a lot in the last few weeks but I’m not suddenly transforming schoolyard bullies into vicious super-soldiers! Cody is walking into a special ‘playpen’ that I occasionally frequent, where newly-studified dorks get to release their jacked-up rage and their sudden inescapable sexual urges on special guests. Normally a lot of cock-thirsty girls and twinks get special passes to this place. But the management also enjoy having the occasional meathead delinquent visit, and will give them the best seat in the house. _Cody’s not going to last long inside that room.)”

“But if you make a run for it right now, in an hour’s time you too could be an musclebound, superhuman son-of-a-bitch and skull-fucking that shit-for-brains jock until his lungs need to evolve to breathe through a windpipe filled to the brim with your superstud cum.”

“So do you want to stay here moralizing me with your speeches while I ignore you and go and fuck some hot chick?”

“Or do you want to feel what it’s like to have Cody’s pretty head squirming between your bulging bicep of iron and your unyielding forearm of steel? To watch that arm explode with angry-looking veins every time your tendons give a simple twitch? To know that you could easily smash that fucker’s skull in by simple willing that shuddering mass of muscle to flex just an incy bit more?”

“To know that with just a few bouts with you in that dank warehouse, that hot-as-fuck jerkwad you always fancied will do anything to please you.”

“And I do mean, anything.”

Jason smiled at his former friend, and laid back, returning to this advertising.

“But feel free to ignore my advice,” said Jason quietly. “Let some other pathetic dorkling with absolutely no history with Cody get to turn him into his personal sex slave.”

Jason closed his eyes.

The annoying shadow slinked away.

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