The Chronivac 5lb-A-Day Muscle Mutation Routine


Danny’s Workout Journal - Day 9

Morning Pre-Workout Meal

  • 1 bowl of Lucky Charms
  • 1 bottle of Mountain Dew
  • A packet of Peanut M & Ms

Morning Warmup

25 mins - Bred a Snorlax in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

10 mins - Did the usual daily upkeep in Animal Crossing

1 min - Moved the Muscle Slider in the Chronivac 5lb to the right. 

Morning Workout

45 mins - Completely hogged the mirrors. Couldn’t help flexing my massive biceps and ripped-as-fuck torso. And my new jawline - wow! It’s so fucking sexy and hunky. I looked like a right muscle head douchebag but fuck it! I know I was either making everyone else jealous as shit, or creaming their pants.

10 mins - Eventually decided to do some random light dumbbell work to really pump up my arms into veiny monsters. Fuck, that got me as hard as a rock. Had to retire to the showers to cool down.

15 mins - Gave the hot gym receptionist a really brutal fucking - she was screaming the place down every time I smashed my thick battering ram right up against her cervix. Finally got her to suck on my nuts. It was crazy hot.

Post-Workout Meal

Skipped - Too busy masturbating.

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