New Alpha Male

New Alpha Male

Mark grasped the mystical amulet with an iron-like grip, reassuring himself of it’s presence. It was a gift inherited from his grandfather and it was fair to say that it had completely turned his life around for the better. It was hard to imagine that only 24 hours ago he was just a scrawny little twerp, afraid to leave his computer desk in his bedroom. Then yesterday evening with just one simple wish, he had become the most bad ass alpha-male in town - a title he had deservingly given himself after last night’s testosterone-fueled fuckfest with the hottest babes he could find.

It felt fucking amazing for the 18-year-old to lose his virginity with the technique of a seasoned pornstar. Not that technique mattered, the girls were orgasming over any simple movement of his muscles! He was an unstopable musclestud.

He had just spent the entire morning testing his new brawn at the gym and now it was time to settle debts with his former bully, Derek. Mark had just spotted Derek entering the empty locker-room and was quietly relishing the thoughts of bursting through the door and pounding the little fucker into mincemeat. His blood surged with testosterone at these thoughts.

Shit, it felt damned good to finally be a man.

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