New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

Right, I really have to stick to this plan:

  • I need to casually out-lift every roided-out powerlifting freak in the room.

  • Explain to scrawny ectomorphs that I gained all my sexy muscle mass through clean eating and exercise. Yeah, right.

  • Keep accidentally invading Eddie’s personal space at every opportunity. Let the whole world see “Mr Pussy Slayer” growing a throbbing erection for me. Fucking douche - that will teach him for laughing at my “pathetic” form when I tried joining the gym back in September.

  • Praise my “miraculous” metabolism within ear-shot of overweight people.

  • When Eddie finally approaches me for coffee/sex, shoot him down in the most sneering and demeaning way possible.

  • Deliberately hog the squat rack and the bench. Anyone brave enough to approach me will be given a withering glare and then ignored.

  • While at the showers, force Eddie to go down on my dick. Make that pretty fitness hunk really choke on my meat - I want to hear him gag.

  • When Justin arrives to collect me, make sure to give him the most passionate and x-rated kiss imaginable. Make sure everybody is watching. Hell - why not lift the adorable little dork off his feet and blatantly fondle his dick while I’m raping his delicious month? That’ll grab everyone’s attention.

  • Return to the apartment and give Justin such a relentless ass pounding that he’ll begin to regret injecting me with that experimental muscle growth formula yesterday.

  • Assure him that I’m still the kind and considerate dweeb he fell in love with. Lie to his sweet little face and smother him with comforting kisses and cuddles.

  • Wait until Justin falls asleep and secretly inject him with a dose of the formula.

  • Jerk myself off to sleep while I watch my delicate little Justin swell up into a massively-muscled studmuffin with a beautiful cruel face.

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