The Addict

The Addict

Deep down, Felix knew that all this was very, very wrong.

But it felt so fucking good.

His majestically-naked hardbody was abuzz from the intoxication of all manner of masculinizating hormones. The overwhelming sensations had caused his meaty cock to ooze cum all over his bedsheets for the last two hours.

Charlie was going to be furious with him - Felix had just blown their entire rent on this latest hit.

When Felix got up this morning he hadn’t planned to any such thing, but by noon he was really craving for the buzz.

And Felix’s normally small, pasty body was about the most opposite of a buzz you could possibly get.

Yeah, he knew he had a problem. At the beginning he had thought he had a handle on it. It had been a simple plan - use the money he had been saving for a dorky gaming laptop to buy himself a single dose of the precious drug and finally have some sweet revenge on the pair of bullying jocks that lived down the hallway.

The two jerks didn’t know what had hit him. One little dose of the drug had transformed the puny and mild-mannered little Felix into a 6’ 6” snarling powerhouse of superhuman muscle. Within a few seconds he had made mincemeat of them and then spent the next 48 hours behaving like a BMOC douchbag; smirking and flexing his way into parties and jackhammering his constantly-hard cock into countless slick pussy.

After his magnificent physique shrank back to his true, weedy form, he learned that it was never just one dose.

Very few people had the willpower to stick to their old, mundane bodies once they had their first taste of godly ambrosia. Puny little nerds, even less so.

His next three dips of the superdrug cost Felix a massive hole in his college savings and now he was risking eviction to whet his current cravings.

But today Felix finally decided that he would use his superhuman body to steal the cash and make up for his debt. Yeah, it would be immoral and illegal but, fuck that, gods were above such things and wasn’t eternal superstud godhood what little Felix craved for? Who in their right minds could stop a person who had the power to rip open an ATM with his bare hands?

But now, with the drug ablaze in his body, Felix just wanted to spend the next two days simply lying down and relish every rapturous sensation of sheer strength and masculinity flowing throughout his heavenly body. All plans for his criminal career were thrown out the window - they felt too tiresome to get up for.

Felix had been warned about the lethargic side effects from later doses but he hadn’t realized how strong they would be.

He got his phone out to give Charlie a text to hurry back. Yeah, Charlie was going to be angry with him when he found out what had happened but more importantly, he was gay and found buffed-out Felix to be as hot as fuck.

Right now all Felix craved for was someone willing to jerk off his aching cock. He just didn’t have the energy to do it himself and he knew that Charlie had been perving on him every time he fucked a hot chick to exhaustion in their dorm. Time for the little cocksucker to finally do something for him.

He knew that when the drug wore off he will be fucked, but that didn’t seem to be important right now.

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